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Bayerischer Wald   Arberland
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Haus zur Wildnis  rollstuhl.jpg 

   In connection with the 1997 expansion of the
   Bavarian Forest National Park, the installation
   of an information center - "Haus zur Wildnis"
   (Wilderness House)- together with a free animal
   range, was approved in the Zwieseler Winkel.

In addition to the Hans-Eisenmann Information Center in Neuschönau, the "Haus zur Wildnis"
provides its guests with information about the Bavarian Forest National Park and Šumava, as well as the surrounding region on both sides of the country border.  However, the suspenseful subject of wilderness takes center stage.

Where is the "Haus zur Wildnis"?

With a view to the "Grosser Falkenstein", the "Haus zur Wildnis" is located on a small hill in the forest.  Yet it is still easy to reach: At the end of the town of Ludwigsthal, toward Bayerisch Eisenstein, there is a new railway stop, a bus stop and a parking lot. From there, an easy round trail leads toward the "Haus zur Wildnis", through the generously designed free animal range with its three nature-like free exhibits for lynx, wolf, aurochs and wild horses. 

wolf1  auerochsen1  pferdenationalpark1 

Wilderness in a house - is that possible at all?
We are not bringing wilderness into the house; you have to go and discover that yourself on the outside.  The "Haus zur Wildnis" wants to awaken interest and understanding for nature's dynamic occurrences.  By illustrating details, we want you to get curious about discovering the outside.

A special house needs special architecture
The "Haus zur Wildnis" will turn out to be a covered "free area" that develops from the existing terrain and adjusts to its natural shape.  Accessible via ramps, the visitor will have multiple viewing points toward the adjoining wolf exhibit and the nearby "Grosser Falkenstein".

The exhibits allow for multiple ways of experiencing and discovering our indigenous wilderness. A 3-D "wilderness trip" in the cinema, the hidden wilderness in the "Wurzelgang", or an adventurous discovery trip through the ground.

Culinary delights of the Bavarian Forest will take care of your
creature comforts.  Typical crafts made from glass and wood, preserves and high quality toys are offered in our store.  You will find creative gift ideas for every occasion. The "Haus zur Wildnis" is the starting point for various theme hikes.

  Hours of Operation:
  Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 pm


Arrival by Bus and Train
At the "Haus zur Wildnis", we count on our guests to come to us by means of the environmentally friendly bus or train.  From the IC-station in Plattling, the Waldbahn travels to Zwiesel; there, at the "Zwieseler Spinne", the juncture of all other Waldbahn lines - from Bodenmais, Bayerisch Eisenstein and Grafenau, the train continues every hour toward Bayerisch Eisenstein, up to the new train stop at Ludwigsthal, which is located next to the foot trail to the "Haus zur Wildnis".

The Falkenstein bus line from Zwiesel, Buchenau and Zwieslerwaldhaus, and the busses on the RBO (Arber line) all stop at the central parking lot at Ludwigsthal. Details about transportation options, along with timetables and connecting lines from all towns in the National Park region can be found at www.bayerwald-ticket.com .

Haus zur Wildnis,
94227 Lindberg
Tel. 09922 5002-0
E-mail: hzw@npv-bw.bayern.de

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