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Lindberg im Bayerischen Wald - Karte

Grenzenlos Wandern im Herzen Europas

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Bayerischer Wald   Arberland
E-WALD eCarsharing im Bayerischern Wald


There are many sights worth seeing in the Bavarian Forest. We can only offer you a small selection here but we will be happy to give you additional tips and suggestions.

Farmhouse Museum Lindberg
The main house and the retirement house, both built of wood, were first mentioned in a document in the year 1575 but are probably even older than that. Together with one of the last wooden chapels in the Bavarian Forst, it offers the sightseer a complete picture of how farm life used to be. Special features of the Farmhouse Museum include the glass bell in the chapel tower, the collection of "Totenbretter", the old tradition of "Guntherihopsen", and the historical restaurant with "Bärentrunk".

Neo-Romanic Art Nouveau Church Ludwigsthal
This place of worship surely is the strangest church you might have ever seen. It is a master piece of neo-romanic church architecture, fully painted as modeled after old romanic churches. Built by Johann Baptist Schott during the years of 1893 and 1894. The inside features and painting were done by Franz Xaver Höfstötter of München.


Schloss Buchenau
Schloss Buchenau was built in the year 1840 by Benedikt von Poschinger and later expanded. The manor was part of the „Hilzenhütte" and was later renamed to "Buchenau". Glass from Buchenau reached world fame and meanwhile reaches top prices at auctions. In 1942, the estate was sold to a private person.

The cookbook author Erna Horn lived and worked for many years at Buchenau Castle.  Today, a grant association is taking care of the castle estate.


Deer Range Scheuereck
Includes daily show feedings - except Tuesdays.

Liesl-Karlstadt-Galerie Lindbergmühle
Liesl Karlstadt was the famous film partner of Karl Valentin, who achieved German and international fame with his bizarre stories. Letters, postcards and portrait pictures are documenting a life-long friendship between Maria Kaufmann and the folk actress.

Forest Museum Zwiesel

River Dam Frauenau

Bärwurz Factory Hieke Zwiesel

Experience Brewery Pfeffer

Local Train Museum Bayerisch Eisenstein

Agriculture Museum Regen

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